why say yes


That is an excellent question

The honest truth is, I have no idea. Or I guess you could say Noah idea. 

Hello, bonjour, marhaban, merhaba and hallå to the entire team. I send much love your way.

I am an 18 year old Canadian arts student currently enrolled at Etobicoke School of the Arts studying film, and will be enrolled at Concordia, MTL, in the fall for photography. I have a deep love for all things visual, and have been surrounded by art my entire life. Why hire me? Well it is your motto to take risks, seek discomfort, and to say yes. So I think the real question is "why say no". 

If you hire me I will grow with you, creating designs that reflect both of our styles, and further enhance our message to the world.  I want to create designs that don't look like any other "merch" out there, I want yes theory to be individual, to be recognizable, and a brand in a sense. I want the designs to scream adventure and individuality. 

When I think Yes Theory, I think adventure. But a lot of "adventure" logos get repetitive. Often taking influence from the boy scouts or a brochure you'd receive at the grand canyon. While these designs may scout nicely, they aren't necessarily grand. I want Yes Theory's clothes to reflect the nature of themselves. Taking opportunity the first chance it can get.  

why say yes?

Because I am like no one else, I am yes theory. 

Thank you, merci, skukrān, teşekkür ederim, and tack for this amazing opportunity.